Our Program

We think of this program kind of like a home-base for our entrepreneurs, providing them with a foundation of support so they can grow without getting lost amongst bigger companies in the industry. And because we cap each year’s cohort at just 10 attendees, we’re able to really get to know each business and their needs, providing individualized guidance.

Our Focus

We work to build strong digital services firms that have a focus on government services and a strong passion to ensue that that largely impacts the community in which they reside.

We build firms that specialize in the following disciplines

i. Design
ii. Agile Management
iii. Product Development
iv. DevSevOps and Compliance
v. Data and Transparency
vi. PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS Implementations

We primarily focus on Federal engages with a secondary focus on state and local government.

All of our firms have a commitment a give back component to ensure that we build socially conscience and equitable firms.

Hutch Services

Managed by successful business people

Services Based

Intensive cohort program with post-program support

Targets women and minority founders

Strong peer to peer community development

No real estate obligations

Focused on customer acquisition

Focused on Building Digital Services Firms

Run by Digital Services Experts

Participants Perspective

How It Works

Hutch is an intense 24 month program to walk founders through the entire startup and scaling process. Each year has a different focus

Year 1 – Fundamentals

The first year is all about fundamentals you need to set up your business for success. Every firm is expected to start generating revenue by the end of the first year.

Year 2 – Specialization

Individualized coaching support and helping to build a team to ensure you can scale. This year ensures that the firms have built self sufficiently so they aren’t dependent on Hutch to be successful in the future.

Throughout the 2 year program we teach our firms about how to avoid the pitfalls that cause Govt projects to fail. We inject Digital Services knowledge taken from the Digital Services Playbook to position them for success

on Fearless

Year 1 – Fundamentals

GOAL: Set Foundation of the company and 1 paying customer


Year 2 – Specialization

GOAL: Scale the company and bring in more customers

Sample Themes

  • Authentic BD in the Digital Services World
  • Agile Program Management
  • Pricing Government Bids
  • Government Compliance
  • Focus on Users (Persona)
  • Digital Transformation
  • Brand Development
  • Procurement and Proposals
  • Finances
  • Starting with Why
  • Values Based Decisions
  • Digital Services Coalition Manifesto
  • US Digital Services Playbook Fundamentals
  • Civic Engagement
  • Differentiation
  • Recruiting and Retention
  • Strategic Planning

Success Metrics

Year 1 – Positioned to do Business

  • Fundamentals of Company created
  • Strategic and Operational plans Created
  • You can measure what success looks like

Year 2 – Experience Transformation that
leads to Growth

  • Passing grade on the HUTCH success scorecard
  • Consistently meeting strategic and operational goals
  • Involved in at least 1-2 transformation projects that can be used to tell stories for future Business Development


On average companies experience a 6.6 growth rate within our 2 year program. On average founders that come in with revenue between 0-55k in revenue reach ~400k in revenue in under 12 months.

2021 & 2022 Program Details

How to get in

  • First, make sure you can commit to our mandatory attendance policy: check out the 2021 schedule and make sure you can set aside at least 10 hours per week for coursework.
  • Attend one of our Information Sessions. See available dates and register for a session here.
  • Fill out the online application. We’re accepting applications from now through September 30, 2020.
  • If we think you might be a good fit, we’ll ask you to participate in an in-person interview.
  • Successful applicants will be notified!

How to stay in

  • Commitment issues won’t fly: you must attend 100% of the sessions (outside of emergencies). And there’s no leaving early. When you’re in session, we expect you to stay for the entire session. You must also complete all coursework prior to class.
  • We know this might seem harsh, but business isn’t for the faint of heart. We’re committed, and we expect you to be committed, too. Because when we’re all giving 110%, that’s when the magic happens.