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The Program

Our program

We think of this program as a home-base for our entrepreneurs, providing them with a foundation of support so they can grow without getting lost amongst bigger companies in the industry.

And because we cap each year’s cohort at just 10 attendees, we’re able to really get to know each business and their needs, providing individualized guidance.


We empower and connect underrepresented entrepreneurs who build strong, community-focused digital services companies. Successful government delivery is our sweet spot, and we help our companies tap into the government market.

We build firms that specialize in the following disciplines:

  • Design
  • Agile Management
  • Product Development
  • DevSecOps and Compliance
  • Data and Transparency
  • PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS Implementations

But our goal is to build not just successful companies, but impactful ones. All of our member companies are committed to giving back to their communities, and we focus on lifting up those traditionally left out of the tech space.


How we're different


Managed by successful business people


Services Based


No real estate obligations


Targets women and minority founders


Strong peer to peer community development


Intensive cohort program with post-program support


Focused on customer acquisition


Focused on Building Digital Services Firms


Run by Digital Services Experts

How It Works

Drawing on Fearless’ experience and expertise in digital services, we coach on how to avoid the pitfalls that cause government projects to fail.

YEAR 1: Foundations

Goal: Set the foundation of the company and secure at least one paying customer.

The first year is all about building the strong foundation that will set our cohort companies up for future success. Through this first half of the program, we’ll coach and mentor each of our companies to ensure that they start generating revenue by the end of the first year.

YEAR 2: Specialization

Goal: Scale the company and bring in more customers.

During the second year of the Hutch program, we provide coaching support and help our cohort companies put the team in place that they’ll need to scale. This part of the program focuses on ensuring that our cohort companies have become fully self-sufficient and aren’t dependent on Hutch to be successful in the future.


Exploring the Program

Hutch meets once a month for a day-long session on everything from brand to leadership to financial planning. Each session is designed to be fun, interactive, and engaging, and we bring in subject matter experts to provide tailored guidance on each topic.

Our sample session topics include:

  • Authentic BD in the Digital Services World
  • Procurement and Proposals
  • Values-Based Decisions
  • Civic Engagement
  • Recruiting and Retention
  • Strategic Planning

On average, companies within the 24-month Hutch program experience a 6.6% growth rate.

Company founders that enter the program with revenue between $0 – $55,000 have been seen to reach ~$400,000 in revenue in under 12 months.


2024 & 2025 program details

How to get in the Hutch program.

  1. Review our class schedule and ensure that you’re able to commit to our mandatory attendance policy. Be certain you can set aside at least 10 hours per week for coursework.
  2. Attend one of our Information Sessions when posted.
  3. Complete the online application, once available.
  4. If we think you might be a good fit, we’ll ask you to participate in an in-person interview.

How to stay in the Hutch program.

  • Outside of documented emergencies, you must attend 100% of the sessions. You must also complete all coursework prior to class.
  • We are 110% committed, and we expect you to be as well. When we're all giving 110% that's when the magic happens. We encourage you to give the program you're all because that's when you see the best return.
Ready for greatness?

Ready for greatness?

We’re ready for you. Contact us today to learn more about the program.

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