“I decided to found Theta because I wanted to build a firm the solved the problem I noticed; a lack of diversity and inclusion in the tech, specifically in the public sector. The people that comprise Theta are the minds and voices of people of color, people from underserved communities, women, and a bunch of “different” and “passionate” people from all walks of life; the curated diverse ideas and perspectives help to rid our projects of tech biases that other “traditional” firms have.”

URLogist. Technologist. Superhero.

These are just a few of the titles that help describe the lifelong journey of Baltimore, MD-raised; Nigeria-born MMBR & Founder of Theta; Emmanuel “Mannie” Iroanya.

The driving founder of Theta, Mannie, is best known for his Site-Reliability and Systems Engineering acumen, which, since 2010, has been the foundation on which he has built his technical skills, supporting projects of various sizes and complexities across local, state, federal, and commercial sectors.

Mannie got his entrepreneurial start in the early 2000s following the footsteps of his father, serial entrepreneur, Emmanuel O. Iroanya, CEO and Founder of a Mental Health clinic, Nursing Staffing agency, Medical Equipment sales firm, and a Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) distribution firm; this early exposure to entrepreneurship coupled with an interest in STEAM education from watching cartoons, like “”Dexter’s Laboratory”” and TV shows like “”Bill Nye the Science Guy”” helped expose Mannie to the skills, interests, and acumen he would later develop to pursue his professional interests in the tech sector.

I Joined Hutch

I felt it was a decision that would help align Theta with like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners that understood how the “traditional” way of doing things was a detriment to progress, not an advantage.

About Theta

Theta is a SBA-Certified HUBZone full-service digital & management firm based in Baltimore, MD, dedicated to our values of “being of service,” “being passionate,” and “being different” through diverse and innovative solutions with our boots on the ground approach to tackling problems.