Systone Iterations

“Hutch has been a great opportunity to partner with and gain industry knowledge from one of the best digital services firms in the country.”

Hi, I am
Founder & CEO of Systone

Stephen, A certified Business Analyst, Scrum Master & Product Owner has worked in various sectors including Healthcare, Finance, Education and Government in both the United Kingdom and United States; where he has used his analytical skills to help organizations improve on processes and manage solutions from ideation to delivery.

And as a government contractor over the past years, Stephen has gained a deep understanding of the space and also the improvements/changes that can positively impact government and the people it serves.

Time with Family
Movies (Favorite Movie: Lock, Stock & Two smoking Barrels)

I Joined Hutch

I thought it would be a great opportunity to better understand those complex and most underrated technicalities of running a business at this level.

The complexities of the bidding process, finance, hiring and other things involved in dealing with government projects.

About Systone

Systone is a digital services provider founded by Stephen Ibitoye.

Our mission is to empower lives and impact Government through the delivery of reliable technology & services. What Systone does goes beyond the technology; Systone helps transform outdated cultures, implement data-driven decisions and provide ongoing support for customers’ solutions and environment. Systone was founded to help the Government better serve its citizens. We want to be instrumental in the digital transformation happening in government today because we care about the government, its citizens and everything that matters to them.