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“I founded Lucky Rabbit to positively impact peoples quality of life, influence economic growth, and reduce technology gaps in industry and communities by fostering innovation and creativity that challenges the status quo.”

Shaun Edens has an extensive (over 19 years) career as an Information Technology (IT) management consultant providing strategy, finance, marketing, and business development support and services. Since 2002 Mr. Edens has been focused on the following industries: Federal Government, commercial biotech, and wellness / personal care. Shaun received his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in 2002 from the University of Illinois with a concentration in finance, marketing, and management information systems. He also completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science (CS) in 2000 from Morehouse College.

Since 2005, Mr. Edens has captured over $600M in contracts as an IT executive and entrepreneur for his clients. During this span, Mr. Edens has lead and managed IT, marketing, and sales organizations varying in size from 50 to 200 plus employees and contractors. Starting in 2010 Mr. Edens has been a co-founder of a business and other major projects to include the following: LoveHowUAge – sales organization that is partnered with one of the top biomedical firms in the world. Feed 100,000 Kids Project – donation organization that is solving a global issue with a unique solution to feed hungry children around the world Mr. Edens recent endeavors have been to establish Lucky Rabbit, LLC, which was found in January 2020. Since the inception of the Lucky Rabbit, Mr. Edens focuses on fostering a culture based on entrepreneurial spirit, customer service, and quality delivery.

I Joined Hutch

I found out about the Hutch program through a former colleague that works with Fearless and mentioned that they have a “TRUE” mentor protege program that is based on empowering the community and working with like minded leaders in there fields.

To my surprise it was much more… I joined to have a place of encouragement to help me figure out what I wanted to be “when I grow up” in the business world based on all my previous experiences. The Hutch has given me a foundation not to just establish a company or a brand, but to create a TRIBE around doing more in your community, while achieving your business goals.

About Lucky Rabbit

We uplift the voices of our clients and employees in order to
impact positive change.

Lucky Rabbit delivers simplistically designed innovations that provide quantum improvements using technology and data to improve people’s quality of life, influence economic growth and development, and reduce technology gaps.