“The Hutch program provides me with accountability and support from mentors and fellow cohorts.”

Angelo is the founder & CEO of IOCYBER, and was born and raised in Chester, PA, a small impoverished city outside of Philadelphia.

He is a graduate from the Earl G. Graves School of Business at Morgan State University where he received his B.S. in Information Systems and Sciences and he has a M.S. Information Systems from Penn State University. Angelo’s professional career spans over 25 years in various engineering and operational environments supporting the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and the Commercial Industry. If his experience in cyber security was used as the brick and mortar to build IOCYBER, his passion for community serves as the foundation. He is passionate about uplifting those who are in need as displayed by his enthusiam for mentoring during his undergrad years in Baltimore. He believes that there is a growing educational gap in the inner cities. As a product of the inner city himself, he was fortunate to get exposed to tech during his youth that influenced his career choices. His ultimate vision is to use IOCYBER as a vehicle to drive community impact, provide exposure in the areas of STEM and decrease the opportunity gap for minorities. Angelo is married to wife Kym, who he met as an undergraduate 25 years ago and they have one daughter. He is a self proclaimed fitness fanatic and actively participates and competes in obstacle course races throughout the year.

I Joined Hutch

I heard about Hutch through one of my friends.

He spoke highly of the experience going through year one of the program and how it has helped his business so I decided to look into the program. I believed that applying to the Hutch program would provide me with accountability and support from mentors and fellow cohorts. Hutch would also expose me with knowledge, wisdom, skills, resources and customer base that the mentors have amassed throughout their journey starting a business which ultimately fast track my company and sets me up for success in the future.


IOCYBER’s mission is to help reduce risk to prevent the loss of value, trust, and confidence in organizations.

Our belief is that the most effect way to secure businesses, is from the inside out. We look for the uncommon, the unknown and hidden threats. We see around the corner before our customers do. You’ve worked so hard to build your company’s value, gain customers trust and confidence, let us help you protect it.