Ey3 Technologies

“Disruptors of the Ordinary. Granters of Peace of Mind. Envisioners of Solutions. Servants of the Community…Tech with Purpose.”

Summer Bazemore is an Information Technology and Systems Engineering professional who has worked as a government contractor for over seventeen years.

Mrs. Bazemore became an Independent Contractor in 2014 and has over the past two years partnered with her husband to form an IT Startup, Ey3 Technologies (www.ey3.tech), headquartered in Prince George’s County, MD. The firm focuses in Systems Engineering and Cyber Security and has a priority of giving back to our community.

I Joined Hutch

I joined Hutch to glean everything I could about the IT business under the mentorship of a great company with years in the game, wisdom to share and plenty of lessons learned.

I knew Hutch would offer a safe space to learn and grow as well as provide an environment for building organic partnerships with like-minded companies.

About Ey3 Technologies

The company provides technical assistance in systems engineering and cybersecurity services. Ey3 builds innovative and intelligent solutions delivered with integrity.

They believe that while talent opens the door, character is what sustains them.