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Pixel awarded a GSA MAS contract

July 19, 2022//by Hutch
Pixel awarded a GSA MAS contract

The US government provides countless services, and this requires an enormous suite of technology. To make their digital services as useful as possible to the people they serve, government agencies need the help of cutting-edge commercial companies. Companies like Pixel Creative Services

Pixel is a design and technology business that provides digital transformation services to the federal government and the private sector. Pixel CEO Christina Alchus is in her first year in the Hutch program, and the woman-owned small business was recently awarded a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) by the General Services Administration (GSA). 

About GSA MAS contracts

Through GSA MAS contracts, government agencies can easily buy commercial products and services. The GSA has organized contracts by broad topic areas that include Special Item Numbers (SINs), which companies can be awarded contracts under. Pixel’s GSA MAS contract includes SIN 54151S: Information Technology Professional Services (IT Professional Services). With their MAS contract, Pixel will be able to help make a real difference in the government services space.   

“This will help Pixel prepare to work directly with the government versus subcontracting,” Christina said. “As a subcontractor company, you can be somewhat limited. But with our GSA MAS contract, we’ll have more flexibility to guide and shape the projects that we’re a part of.”

Tips for winning GSA MAS contracts

Being awarded a GSA MAS contract is no small feat, and it can take months or even years to accomplish. Having gone through this process, Christina wanted to share what she learned with other small business owners. 

Top tips from Pixel for getting your GSA MAS: 

  • Get support from the experts. Winning a GSA MAS contract can be very challenging to do on your own. To demonstrate that you meet GSA’s many complex requirements, you need to submit a lot of documentation. Companies like Contract Management Professionals, LLC specialize in guiding small businesses through this process, and their help can be the difference between winning and losing your bid for a GSA MAS contract. 
  • Keep on top of updates from GSA. GSA is constantly refining its processes, and change happens often. Make sure to keep tabs on how things are shifting at GSA. And if you’ve got all your documentation ready, you’ll want to submit them ASAP before the agency puts out a new update. 
  • Don’t be afraid to lean on your team. A lot of the documentation you have to provide for a GSA MAS contract involves past performance. Your on-the-ground people will have the best insight into their projects, so you should work with them to ensure that you’re capturing their work accurately and in the best light.

What’s next for Pixel and GSA MAS

Being awarded a GSA MAS contract is just the beginning. The next step is winning and performing work under the schedule. And Christina’s looking forward to using the Hutch program to help her prepare for exactly that. 

“We began the GSA schedule process before participating in Hutch, however, our involvement with Hutch has increased our chances for success,” Christina said. “With Hutch, we’re investing time into the business to set up our internal processes. For example, my accounting is spot on now, and that’s because of Hutch.” 

We’re honored to have played a small part in Christina and Pixel’s journey. And we’re thrilled to continue supporting Christina as she grows her business with GSA MAS. 

“Without Hutch, I feel like this win wouldn’t have mattered as much moving forward,” Christina shared. “The overall mentorship, being part of the cohort, and having that support system has been really helpful. We’ll leverage Hutch and Fearless to help us figure out what to do with the GSA MAS contract moving forward.” 

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