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A home base for your business.

Hutch operates at the intersection of digital services, government, and community impact. Our program acts as a home base for our entrepreneurs, giving them a foundation of support that they can grow from without getting lost amongst bigger companies in the industry.

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Our Story

In 2009, Delali Dzirasa founded Fearless with the goal of building a different kind of digital services company.

After seeing many government IT projects fail, the need for strong firms that could help bring agile and modern tech principles into the market was apparent. Fearless was created to help close this gap. The company’s mission is to build software with a soul so we can create a world where good software powers the things that matter.

Using modern tools and principles like the US Digital Services Playbook, we’ve been able to deliver value to our government customers and grow at a steady pace over the past 10 years. But we know that we can’t create a world where good software powers the things that matter alone. To really move the needle when it comes to government digital services, many companies will be needed.

Fearless co-founded the Digital Services Coalition to grow the market of capable digital services and civic tech firms, but the reality is that there still aren’t enough to make this kind of impact. So, in 2019, we decided to step it up a notch and help other digital services companies avoid the pitfalls that we ran into over the years. And Hutch was born.

Our ‘Why’

Hutch was founded by Fearless — a digital services firm that has grown over the past decade from a company of one to a business that supports 275+ direct jobs. Fearless was lucky enough to be accepted into the Department of Defense (DoD) Mentor Protégé program early in our growth, and this kind of coaching helped shape who we would become. Hutch is our way of paying this forward.

Hutches are used by dairy farmers to house newborn calves so that they can be given hands-on care during the first stage of their life. At Hutch, we give that same level of support to our cohort companies. And because we cap each year’s cohort to no more than 10 attendees, we’re able to really get to know each business and their needs and to provide individualized guidance.

Our Firms

We’re proud of our Hutch alumni and current cohort companies.

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