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Meet Traci Walker, an Executive Director working to redefine how the government does digital

March 10, 2022//by Hutch
Meet Traci Walker, an Executive Director working to redefine how the government does digital

One of the things that makes Hutch so valuable for our cohort companies is the fact that it’s run by digital services experts and business leaders. We take care to bring on coaches, internal staff, and board members who can offer our cohort companies real insight into the industry. Hutch Board Member Traci Walker is the perfect example of this. 

As the Executive Director of the Digital Services Coalition (DSC), Traci understands how to build community in the government tech space. The DSC is a tightly knit community of small, non-traditional IT contractors who work together to accelerate digital transformation in government. By using technology as a tool to achieve outcomes, the DSC’s member companies are dramatically improving the experience of government services. 

The DSC’s work aligns closely with Hutch’s vision to foster a diverse ecosystem of digital services firms that transform the way our government serves its people, so we were thrilled to bring Traci on as a Board Member in 2021. In this role, Traci works with our other industry experts to help scale the program to support more women and BIPOC entrepreneurs.  

As Traci said, “Hutch is a perfect example of how entrepreneurs can get a leg up in the competitive government digital service market in a safe and inclusive environment.”

Traci’s extensive experience within the industry will help propel our cohort companies in their pursuit to transform the way the government serves its people, and we’re proud to have her on our team.

To learn more about Traci and the Digital Services Coalition, visit