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Meet Fearless Portfolio Director & Hutch Board Member, Nichole Weems

March 15, 2022//by Hutch
Meet Fearless Portfolio Director & Hutch Board Member, Nichole Weems

Fearless and Hutch is made up of a group of people excited to help you grow your business and teach you how to thrive in the world of government contracting. 

Through mentorship, peer-to-peer support, and the tools provided by our dedicated partners and board members, our cohort companies learn how to build not just successful digital services firms, but impactful ones. 

Get to know Fearless Health and Sciences Portfolio Director, and Hutch Board Member, Nichole Weems and how she uses her resources and knowledge in the industry to help create a community of support for our cohorts.

At Fearless, Nichole plays an intricate role in bringing people together and ensuring alignment across the team. Whether it’s introducing federal agencies to new tactics to improve their team and products, or leaning into team goals on projects worked on, Nichole brings purple sauce to every room she enters. 

Since joining the Hutch advisory board in 2021, Nichole has made it her mission to provide our women and BIPOC founders with access to opportunities and a community of support which is often lacking in the government contracting space.

“I joined the Hutch advisory board because I believe in Hutch’s mission and the value that it provides to women and minorities, ” said Nichole. “By joining the board I wanted to be able to provide a voice to how we can grow the program by having a unique lens.”

Having worked with clients at United States Digital Service , and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Nichole brings a level of skill and expertise to the program that fundamentally teaches our cohorts how to bring agile and modern tech principles into the market. 

As Nichole continues to grow in her career, coaching and mentorship are becoming her primary focus. She envisions success through the lens of empowering others to step into the role of a leader, particularly in her current role at Fearless.

“I don’t think I would be as effective as I am today had I stepped into this role day one versus having lived in the shoes of my project team members and engaging closely with developers and designers. Building those intimate relationships helped me become an effective portfolio director because I had that insight, that empathy to see from multiple perspectives and experiences.”

Recently, The Leadership announced the Class of 2022 for its 9-month flagship experiential leadership program. Of the 64 leaders chosen was Nichole Weems, who joins more than 1,800 alumni of the program, including Fearless CEO and Hutch Lead Coach, Delali Dzirasa.

Through the leadership program, Nichole will strengthen her skills and capacity to lead particularly in the civic space, as well as forge substantive relationships with members of the ecosystem to provide a platform for collective action in Baltimore and beyond. 

As Hutch continues to grow, we are excited about how far our cohorts will go under the direction of Nichole and the rest of our talented expert board members.

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