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Building global connections: Department of State delegation hosted by Hutch

April 17, 2023//by Hutch
Building global connections: Department of State delegation hosted by Hutch

Since its founding in 1940, the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) has created networking and relationship building opportunities for over 200,000 international participants

The program cultivates lasting relationships between international entrepreneurs and their American counterparts. It also gives participants an understanding of how small businesses impact local, national, and global economies.

Hutch is proud to have hosted a delegation of 20 entrepreneurs from 20 different countries as part of IVLP’s visit to Baltimore City. 

For this visit, Stephanie Chin, Hutch Program Manager, and Delali Dzirasa, Fearless CEO, gave the delegation a tour of the Hutch and Fearless offices. Stephanie and Delali also presented on both company’s work and mission. A Q&A followed, where they shared more information on our business model, the success of our Hutch cohorts, and more.

“Being able to showcase Baltimore City and the ways we serve underrepresented entrepreneurs through Hutch to IVLP was an incredible honor,” says Stephanie. 

We understand the value of building networks and relationships at Hutch. This visit from IVLP gave the delegation an understanding of our work and the impact we and our cohort companies have. And it also fostered connections between Hutch and entrepreneurs from across the globe. 

“The group represented important business, entrepreneurship, and economic development initiatives spanning across 20 different countries,” says Stephanie. “The amount of international interest from this group in our programs and services presents exciting opportunities for new collaborations and cultural exchanges.”

We’re honored to have hosted this IVLP delegation, and hope that this will lead to long-lasting global relationships.

IVLP delegation, Hutch, and Fearless group photo