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Hutch celebrates second cohort to graduate from digital services incubator

December 13, 2021//by Hutch
Hutch celebrates second cohort to graduate from digital services incubator

Hutch, a digital services incubator that strengthens minority and women entrepreneurs, today graduated their second cohort of companies. Four companies have emerged from the intensive 24-month program with a vision and the skills necessary in strategy, branding, contracting and leadership to build an impactful business that can compete in the competitive government services market. 

Hutch believes that increasing the number of minority and women-led companies in the digital services world is critical to build technology that better serves the public good. Most Hutch companies are engaged in contracting or subcontracting work before they even leave the program. This year, the following companies have joined Hutch’s growing list of graduates:

  • ioCyber, founded by Angelo Crawford, is a cybersecurity company that secures organizations from the inside out, using expertise in identifying security risks and penetration testing.
  • Lucky Rabbit, founded by Shaun Edens, delivers simplistically designed innovations that provide quantum improvements using technology and data.
  • Systone Iterations, founded by Stephen Ibitoye, goes beyond technology to transform outdated processes and implement data-driven decisions.
  • Theta, founded by Emmanuel Iroanya, is a growing full-service digital and management firm with a mission to create a world where technology works for everybody.

“Hutch is designed to empower and connect underrepresented entrepreneurs. The program aspires to provide them with a strong foundation so they can grow their businesses without getting overrun by bigger industry competitors,” said Stephanie Chin, Program Manager of Hutch. “These four graduating entrepreneurs are already making an impact across government, in agencies such as The United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).”

Hutch draws on Fearless’ experience and expertise in the digital services market to provide entrepreneurs with a foundation to secure their first government customer, and the specialization to scale their company and bring in more contracts. Those who fully invest in the Hutch program experience personal and professional growth that helps them catapult their company to the next level. Since the program began in 2019, Hutch has helped 17 small companies, including Ey3 Technologies, UpLight and Mastermnd, evolve into scalable, values-driven organizations.

Hutch has began the in-take process for the next cohort. Sessions for the 2023 class will begin January 2022.