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Defining our core beliefs

March 3, 2022//by Hutch
Defining our core beliefs

Hutch has always been committed to diversifying talent in tech and government spaces. In fact, it’s written into our mission. We nurture, empower, and connect underrepresented entrepreneurs who are working toward the public good. 

Last year, we leaned into our “why” and defined the core beliefs that drive our work. These core beliefs help define how we engage with our community, the support network we create for our cohort companies, and the world we want to build. They remind us each day why we do the work we do, what standards we set for ourselves and our companies, and how we’re best positioned to help our community and cohort companies. 

Our core beliefs

  • We’re stronger together. Community over competition, always. We share knowledge to help each other grow and overcome obstacles, understanding that when our community thrives, we thrive.
  • Representation matters. We believe that business leaders should be as diverse as the communities they come from. That’s why we focus on lifting up people who have historically been left out of the tech space.
  • Dreams drive action. With enough passion, vision, strategy, and support, even the most ambitious ideas can become reality. We empower our cohort companies to dream big for their customers and their communities and to take the strategic risks needed to succeed.
  • We can build a better world. Things like profit and revenue are critical, but to us, success means leaving the government and the world better than you found it.

These beliefs drive everything we do at Hutch, reminding us and our cohort companies to always keep our work focused on its impact on our communities, our government, and on the world. In this way, our core beliefs keep us grounded in the reason we all joined Hutch in the first place: to change the world for the better.