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Mechanicode, founded by a former USDS engineer, is an agile SDB HUBZone MBE/DBE Digital services firm providing comprehensive DevSecOps, Cloud Native Engineering, IT Modernization & Automation, and Software Development consulting services.

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Emmanuel Apau

Chief Technology Officer
  • +0years founder experience
  • +0projects worked on
  • Cottage City, MD geographic location


  • Cloud Native Engineering
  • DevSecOps and Compliance
  • Engineering Development
  • IT Modernization & Automation
  • Software Development

I am proud that Mechanicode was selected to join the Hutch program. We are all called to build technology that better serves the public good. I appreciate Hutch for creating a program that can help Mechanicode meet this need in the market. The Hutch program is able to help me build my partner network and grow my expertise in responding to government RFPs. This will help me learn from the mistakes of a mature company and expedite my growth.

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