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We believe in community over competition, always. We share knowledge to help each other grow and overcome obstacles, understanding that when our community thrives, we thrive.

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  • BlackRose Cyber Solutions

    Hector Peralta

    BlackRose Cyber Solutions, LLC is a cybersecurity firm, founded in 2017 by 21 year Army Cyber Warfare Veteran, Hector Peralta, which specializes in penetration testing.

  • BlueMeta Technologies

    Malik Warren

    BlueMeta Technologies is a digital services firm dedicated to empowering things that matter. With a focus on social equity and impact, BlueMeta leverages the latest technology to deliver innovative solutions that drive positive change.

  • Boostaro LLC

    Snehal Talati

    Boostaro LLC is a leading organization that specializes in organizational change and transformation. With a focus on people first, Boostaro helps organizations understand the importance of empathy, passion, compassion, and innovation in the digital age.

  • CloudLeap Technologies, LLC

    Prashant Shah

    CloudLeap Technologies, LLC is an Information Technology business specializing in Big Data & Analytics and Machine Learning helping federal, state, and local governments analyze vast amounts of data used to make strategic decisions.

  • Code360, Inc

    Makesh Pitchaipillai

    Code360, Inc is an 8(a) and HUBZone certified IT Services company providing software development and consulting services. Code360, Inc specializes in advanced Health IT, Cloud, Software Development, Business Intelligence, and Open Standards.

  • Ey3 Technologies

    Summer Bazemore

    Ey3 Technologies (pronounced “eye three”), a woman-owned systems engineering and cyber security digital services firm founded by Summer Bazemore, is committed to combining technology with purpose to affect change where we work and where we live.

  • Flamelit Consulting, LLC

    Thomas Roderick

    Flamelit Consulting, LLC is a data science consultancy on a mission to improve government service delivery through data. Flamelit has developed and deployed several data science solutions for the government and non-profit organizations.

  • greiBO Solutions LLC

    Phillip Stokes

    greiBO solutions helps its customers to understand its environment and how to secure their enterprise through data driven decisions. greiBO supports corporate capabilities and big data analytics through data management via Nifi, Hadoop, and more.

  • Ibeify

    Kalada Opiuyo

    Ibeify, a full-service technical consulting company founded by Kalada Opuiyo, provides Automated Resource Management Strategies (ARMS) with the aim of improving observability in cloud native applications and systems.


    Shanda Wilson

    INSHIFT, a digital services firm founded by Shanda Wilson, aligns technology with vision to provide greater, transformative solutions that help its customers, employees, and communities achieve their goals.


    Angelo Crawford

    IOCYBER, founded by Angelo Crawford, is a cybersecurity company with a mission to reduce risk and prevent the loss of value, trust, and confidence in organizations by leveraging expertise in defensive cyber operations, and risk mitigation.

  • Jumpstart: HR

    Joey Price

    Jumpstart:HR, an agile development HR firm founded by Joey Price, addresses the urgent need for organizations to learn, adopt, and implement people and project leadership habits that reduce workplace friction and make workplace culture more productive and profitable.

  • Lithe Solutions Inc.

    Padma Gourineni

    Lithe Solutions Inc is an 8(a)-certified, Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned digital services firm using innovation and IT automation to improve operational efficiencies and provide seamless user experiences.


    Aaron Brooks

    MASTERMND, a technical talent pipeline company founded by Aaron Brooks, is aimed at filling the widening technical engineering skills gap by attacking it from every angle.

  • Mebane Design Studio

    Brandi Mebane

    Through design and creative visual solutions, Mebane Design Studio (MDS) exists to give voice to traditionally underestimated people, ideas and causes so more people can share themselves with the world.

  • Mechanicode

    Emmanuel Apau

    Mechanicode, founded by a former USDS engineer, is an agile SDB HUBZone MBE/DBE Digital services firm providing comprehensive DevSecOps, Cloud Native Engineering, IT Modernization & Automation, and Software Development consulting services.

  • Pendulum Tyde LLC

    Jeffrey Coleman

    Founded in March 2021, Pendulum Tyde LLC is an end-to-end solutions provider delivering knowledge-based services in Records Management, helping organizations transition to a paperless environment.

  • Pixel Creative Services, LLC

    Christina Alchus

    Pixel Creative Services, LLC is a EDWOSB certified design agency that provides custom professional designs, easy-to-use products, and helpful technology solutions for its DoD clients and partners.

  • Points North Studio

    Jessica Watson

    Points North Studio, a design agency founded by Jessica Watson, believes good design can change the world. Points North challenges the status quo by creating experiences that bring people, passions, and causes together.

  • Systone Iterations

    Stephen Ibitoye

    Systone Iterations, a digital services provider founded by Stephen Ibitoye, ensures that clients' solutions are being built right and getting delivered fast. Systone works to ensure their clients are being heard by understanding their business goals.

  • Tall Glass Media

    Eric Murphy

    Tall Glass Media is a full-service digital design studio that crafts thought-provoking and creative experiences through strategy, research, and world-class design. Tall Glass Media is dedicated to helping visionary organizations reach their communication goals and use design as a catalyst for social impact.

  • Theta, LLC

    Emmanuel Iroanya

    Theta, LLC (theta.), a growing full-service digital and management firm led by managing member Emmanuel Iroanya, is working to create a world where tech works for everyone. Theta (theta.) works at the intersection of innovation & technology.

  • Triton Technology

    Marvin Douglas

    Triton Technology, founded in October 2020, is a digital services company located in Baltimore delivering cloud, security, agile project management, and automation services to government healthcare agencies and private sector.

  • UpLight

    Koffi Harrison

    UpLight, a management services firm founded by Koffi Harrison, sparks greatness in programs by powering successful delivery. UpLight values every idea, every initiative, and every project.

  • VITG Corp

    Vasu Togari

    VITG Corp, an emerging digital services firm founded by Vasu Togari, builds and delivers simple and intuitive digital solutions to improve the lives of our citizens by leveraging data & emerging technologies.

  • XCell

    Felix Gilbert

    XCell is a digital services agency that uses Human Centered Design to transform the way organizations design and build software. XCell creates beautiful, seamless experiences that improve users’ lives and leave a lasting legacy.

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