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Hutch welcomes class of 2024 cohort

Hutch, a digital services incubator that provides minorities and women entrepreneurs with a blueprint for building successful, government-focused digital services firms, is excited to introduce its Class of 2024. This new cohort of eight companies will begin its intensive 24-month program with the goal of delivering digital transformation to government. 

Established by Fearless in 2019, Hutch equips digital services entrepreneurs with the tools, mentorship, and peer-to-peer support needed to have a lasting impact on government clients and communities. The entrepreneurs selected to join Hutch’s program will learn skills in strategy, branding, contracting and business development through one-on-one coaching, mentorship, and intensive, interactive sessions.

Hutch’s goal is to build an ecosystem of successful and impactful digital services firms that transform the way government serves its people, and lift up those who have been traditionally left out of the tech space.

“The resources that Hutch has provided to Ey3 helped position our company to win contracts. From introducing us to a 8a coach to providing a financial advisory team that helped us with compliance and competitive pricing, as well as our partnership with fellow Hutch companies has made our company stronger and more competitive in government contracting. In Hutch we have a hub that we can come to for help, encouragement, motivation, and counseling as we scale,” shared Hutch alumni founder Terry Bazemore, Jr, COO of EY3, a cyber security and systems engineering consulting company based in Prince George’s County, MD. 

The following companies are included in the new cohort:

  • BlueMeta Technology – Led by Malik Warren, BlueMeta provides custom software solutions, data collection, data cleaning, data visualization, cloud architecture, and cloud delivery services
  • Boostaro LLC – Boostaro, founded by Snehal Talati, focuses on organizational change and transformation to help companies understand economies of scale and to be more agile
  • CloudLeap Technologies, LLC – With expertise in Big Data & Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), CloudLeap, led by Prashant Shah, analyzes vast amounts of data to help organizations make strategic decisions
  • Flamelit Consulting, LLC – A data science consultancy led by Thomas Roderick, Flamelit identifies and mitigate damaging system anomalies and improves operational efficiency through quantitative data models
  • Lithe Solutions Inc – Founded by Padma Gourineni, Lithe Solutions provides System Integration, Agile Development and Program & Project Support Services
  • Mebane Design Studio – Led by Brandi Mebane, Mebane Design Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio that uses design and creative visual solutions to help traditionally underestimated people, ideas, and causes to grow
  • Pendulum Tyde LLC – Pendulum Tyde, co-founded by Jeffrey Coleman and Alton Bell, delivers knowledge-based services in Records Management, to help organizations transition to a paperless environment
  • Tallycode LLC – Tallycode is a Managed Services IT firm with experience in System Modernization, Digital Transformation, Automation, IT Infrastructure Support, Cyber Security, Agile Software Development, and Audio Visual Solutions, founded by Ted Taliaferro

“It’s common for companies to make some rookie mistakes in the beginning. I knew Hutch would be a lot of work and commitment, but I also felt it would be beneficial, a sort of guardrails for me to kind of keep going in the right direction,” said Jeffrey Coleman, Pendulum Tyde President and a member of the Hutch class of 2024.

With this new cohort, Hutch has 28 companies in its portfolio including 13 alumni companies that have all completed the program. Most Hutch alumni founders were engaged in contracting or subcontracting work before graduating from the program. 

Julie Meloni, Hutch Advisory Board Member and Vice President-Digital Solutions for Pluribus Digital shares, “Building a business and breaking into civic technology is no easy task. To truly affect changes in outcomes for customers, we need a breadth and depth of voices and experiences among the teams researching, designing, developing, and deploying digital services.  I am thrilled that Hutch continues to shepherd along this path some of the best and brightest this industry has to offer and can’t wait to see what the latest cohort brings to bear.”  

At the end of 2022, Hutch was awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) to help build capacity to scale, growing 45 digital services firms by 2025, and to expand and roll-out new efforts to connect mentors, digital services experts, and government administrators to accelerate innovation and transformation within federal agencies.

Hutch company Ey3 supporting Employ Prince George’s in new contract

For Ey3 Technologies founders Summer and Terry Bazemore, making an impact in their community is essential to their work.

We’re proud to announce the Hutch cohort graduates (Class of 2020) are supporting Employ Prince George’s in a new contract. 

Employ Prince George’s provides community and workforce development programming for Prince George’s County to improve the local economy. The non-profit provides candidates with training and opportunities for in-demand and high-growth careers. They also equip businesses with qualified candidates for their open jobs. 

As part of their two-year contract with Employ Prince George’s, Ey3 is providing free Scrum Master trainings to eligible Prince George’s County residents ages 18 and older. These trainings are also available at an additional cost for interested participants who don’t meet the eligibility requirements. The Ey3 team is focusing on returning citizens, unemployed individuals, those seeking a career transition, and senior citizens for training opportunities.

“This is a huge win for us. It solidifies our mission of impacting the community,” said Ey3 COO Terry Bazemore Jr. “It also lets us work in our home of Prince George’s County. We’re excited for this opportunity to help reduce unemployment within the county.” 

Participants who successfully complete the program will earn their Professional Scrum Master (PSM 1) certification.

Employ Prince George’s offers more than a dozen workforce training programs, but Scrum Master training is a new offering for the group. Ey3 is partnering with Zion Church of Prince George’s County to establish recurring recruitment events for the trainings.

“There’s a real need for this,” says Summer Bazemore, Ey3 CEO. “And this fulfills our itch to be out there in the community and provide valuable services” that help Prince George’s County residents. 

Ey3’s impact in their community

Ey3 is a woman-owned cyber security digital services and systems engineering firm. The company is based in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Ey3 has provided intelligent and innovative solutions for the Department of Defense (DoD), and Federal, State, and Local agencies. 

“Ey3 is a role model when it comes to building socially conscious businesses that want to impact their communities and the world around them,” says Stephanie Chin, Hutch Program Manager. “Their deep care and involvement in their home of Prince George’s County is proof that doing good and doing business can thrive together.” 

This training program with Employ Prince George’s is an extension of mentorships, career coaching, and internships Ey3 has offered in Prince George’s County.

 “A vital part of the Hutch incubator experience is helping our companies build civic leadership into the culture, ethos, and operations of their businesses,” says Stephanie. This contract is an exciting opportunity for Ey3 to further that mission. It will allow for direct, person-to-person support of their community. And it will give Prince George’s County residents an important tool as they build, rebuild, or pivot their careers.